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About Me

I have been in the bike industry since 2004 and have always been passionate about riding, whether it's on my hybrid and drinking coffee around town, or on my road bike and trying to keep up with the cars, or on my mountain bike and avoiding turtles on the trails.

I became a professional bike fitter in April of 2013 after I was certified by the Trek Precision Fit School. I was later certified by the Specialized Retul and Body Geometry Fit School, where I learned how to perform physical assessments of the cyclist in order to accurately gauge how to adjust the bike to better accommodate the rider and their individual needs.

I left working full-time in the bike industry in January 2019 to explore a different career but in the Spring of 2019 I was asked by Dr. Kur Sohn to do bike fits part-time at Velofit Physical Therapy and have been working as Naked Cycling since June 2019. I still pursue a passion for cycling and working to help others improve comfort and efficiency on their bikes in order to find fulfillment and enjoyment while riding, whether they're stopping to smell the flowers or aiming for the podium!

Anna Pecora

Fit Menu

For all Fit inquiries, please email

All fits are performed out of the VeloFit Physical Therapy Studio located at 277 Sunset Park Drive, Herndon, VA 20170 with the exception of Spin Bike Fits, which are performed at the site of the bike.

Level I Fit

$100 30-45 minutes

Level I Fit is perfect for the rider who owns a hybrid bike and who might be having some discomfort while on longer rides. In this Fit I conduct a short interview which will be followed by an on-bike assessment. The Fit will determine proper seat height, seat fore/aft, and then assess the reach and drop of the handlebars.

Level II Fit

$200 1.5-2 hours

Level II Fit is ideal for recreational road and mountain cyclists to amateur racers. It begins with a complete interview of previous and current injury history and problems on and off the bike. This is followed by a physical assessment to determine the strengths and limitations of the rider before performing an on-bike assessment, applying what was learned from the interview and physical assessment where it is needed. This Fit will address cleat placement, seat height, seat fore/aft, handlebar reach and drop, and proper riding positioning.

Level II Triathalon Fit

$250 2-2.5 hours

Level III Fit

(coming soon)

$300 2-2.5 hours

Level III Fit is great for any road or mountain cyclist who wants the most accurate, data-driven fitting. This Fit will begin with a physical assessment, with additional strength tests and move to an on-bike assessment utilizing Velogicfit in order to capture the riders fit data in real-time. Measurements will be taken before, during, and after to demonstrate the changes and improvements made to the rider's new position on the bike. This Fit will address cleat placement, seat height, seat fore/aft, handlebar reach and drop, and proper riding positioning.

Level III Triathalon Fit

(coming soon)

$350 2.5-3 hours

Spin Bike Fit

$200 1.5-2 hours

(subject to increase based on location)

Spin Bike Fit is perfect for the user who owns an indoor bike, such as a Peloton. This fit is an in-home visit that includes a brief interview, an off-bike physical assessment, followed by an on-bike assessment. This is when adjustments will be made to accommodate the rider to decrease discomfort and increase efficiency. This fit includes cleat adjustments, seat height and fore/aft adjustments, and handlebar height adjustments. Followups for Spin Bike Fits are $50 (subject to increase based on location).

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VeloFit Physical Therapy
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Meet My Bikes

Jade the Jett

Jade is always happiest when riding in the shade of the trees, eating up roots and rocks, and playing in the dirt. Her greatest fear is running over innocent turtles and snakes on the trail, though thankfully she has been able to tactfully avoid them so far! If you could ask what her least favorite activity is she would tell you it's those dang showers her mom gives her after getting nice and muddy from the trails.

Jade the Jett

Maddy the Madone

Maddy is a sassy little roadie, an oldie but goodie, from 2007, who represents the greatness of late 2000s carbon frames and 10 speed Dura-Ace. Naturally, she loves to go fast, but her mom keeps her speed in check, like moms do. Maddy loves climbing hills with her lightness and grace, and enjoys long, flat stretches of clear road. Her least favorite thing is getting dirt and grease all over her sleek frame

Maddy the Madone

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